So what’s this all about?

People ask.... what ARE your sites? I want to see them! So, I've been sending SEPARATE emails explaining where they are, how they are similar and how they are different. This site, hopefully, will accomplish this.

How did this start for me? Well, of course, it all started with one dog whose health I was concerned about and I thought it would be a good way to keep track of his ups and downs. (Teddy 1999-2009) Anyway, if one dog has his own web presence, good grief, the others should. And so it went.... Teddy, Olivia, Ari, Brita and Kobie. Then I thought, well I need a general dog site to list them all... hence... Dogz-N-Stuff.

Next it occurred to me that I have a website for my business that is costing me money, so why not that also?? School, FAQs, Training (note: FAQs and Training have recently been modified with google's new template designer), Motivation and my Q9. (out of date) All separate so now we're up to 11. Then, there was one I developed for Century 21 Acre Training which is private won't see it.

Now....I belong to dog clubs and thought I'd try my hand at that.... so the East Wisconsin Working Boxer Klub (no longer used) and the O. G.Bierstadt Schutzhund Club have their own web home.

Photos.... I love to take them and I post them to a Smugmug account. But maybe, I thought, I should pick several of the really good ones and post them to a PhotoBlog so I created that one. As I mentioned before my Q9 has a site that I created for me to get used to using it and I thought....hmmm..... let’s just see how good pictures it can take so pictures from my Q9 (out of date) also have a web presence. Both of these, sad to say, have been neglected in favor of other projects.

The biggest project so far....another volunteer one... is the Winnegamie Dog Club web home which has links to separate sites for a photo album, members' bios, members' brags and members' tributes to dogs they've owned. Wow... let's see, we're up to 20! Yikes! Thank goodness that one is being maintained by members.

Oh yes... start and end with a dog... Tori (updated template) came back to me and now has her own web home which tells her amazing story and a special site for just her birthdays .
And then, there's this one... hhmmm ....I've lost count! Oh… I almost the music playing?? If it's REALLY annoying, simply scroll down and turn it off... or hit the MUTE key on your computer!

Since then I’ve been working on several others that may or may not go public. I also started using templates from the web and am pleased with the results. The first one I did was for Kobie-Girl and the other was for the Laurel Stone School of Real Estate.then came Dogz-n-Stuff.

Later, Keepers was added, Harvestime Kennel and EdgertonSchutzhund Club. Many of the pages are now being maintained by others. The members of the various dog clubs are stepping up to do portions of their site and the Harvestime Kennel site will be maintained by the owner.

And finally, Teddy's was completed. The dog whose site started it all, left me in February of 2009 so his site was closed and it's truly a remembrance for me of a wonderful dog.

So there you have it! It's ongoing and I love it so there will be more in the future so check back regularly!

Best Regards!


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